Qualitas Inspection Services Ltd work hard to establish our company

as one of the best independent Clerk of Works businesses in the

South East of England. We are included on the framework of a number

of the largest Housing Associations in London. We are also appointed to three Borough Councils in the Essex area who are currently engaged in a new build program to increase their housing stock.

These projects range from a build cost of £2m to the Stratford

regeneration project overlooking the Olympic Stadium costings £120m.

Our role is to concentrate on the Quality of the product, to ensure that

the clients we are representing are given the very best service available and that the building is handed over having met the most exacting

standards to ensure peace of mind for both clients and residents.

This illustrates the importance of having an independent company appointed to the contract whose sole role is the delivery of quality.

We fully understand that keeping costs down on all social housing projects is a priority and we work relentlessly to ensure our clients

interests are upheld in all of our endeavours, including regularly monitoring our fees to give best value.

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